Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Never be caught without a clean bib again

I have two simple rules for being out and about with babies: be prepared and carry a minimal amount of gear. Balancing those two rules is the tricky part--but it can be done.

A key weapon in our diaper bag arsenal is a set of Kipiis Bib Clips. Just clip on a napkin or towel (I've even used a burp rag), adjust the straps to fit and--voila--instant bib! When mealtime is done, there is no dirty bib to cart home. Toss the clips in your bag and you're ready for the next messy activity that comes your way. And they're colorfully cute, to boot.

Our Kipiis never fail to get covetous looks when we pull them out at restaurants or playgroup. I haven't seen them much in stores, but you can always purchase them online at the Kipiis site or Amazon. And you can usually find someone selling them new on eBay with free shipping.


Lori September 10, 2008 at 11:27 AM  

I tend to err on the side of an overstuffed diaper bag! I've seen these clips and wondered about them so it's good to get a recommendation. Oh, and they're at Whole Foods and I think maybe New Seasons too. I'll be picking them up the next time I'm shopping! Thanks.

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