Saturday, June 27, 2009

Scout the Iddy Biddy Cloud

NMC Toys, through Parent Reviewers, sent us a cute little Scout the Cloud to check out. Scout is one of three stuffed toys in the Idbids series, designed to help kids take iddy biddy steps (get it?) toward a greener life.

Each Idbid comes with a code that lets you access a protected part of the Idbids website. I didn't think my 3 1/2 year old was old enough to appreciate that feature, but to my surprise he got really excited about it. In Scout's section, we met three animals that live in the rain forest and learned a little bit about why their habitat needs protecting. My son's favorite part was getting to name the animals and print out certificates with their pictures on them. (Thanks to Idbids from this adoptive parent, by the way, for not making it an "adoption" certificate like so many toys do.)

The tag also said we'd be able to explore more of Scout's world online, but, alas, that part of the site is still under construction. My son was mightily disappointed and I'm still fielding questions a week later about why it wasn't available. (I guess I learned a parenting lesson about verifying a toy's claims before reading them aloud to my kids.)

Scout and friends (a friendly raindrop and a pleasant flower) are made from organic cotton and colored with vegetable dyes. If you're looking for a non-toxic, eco-friendly stuffed toy, these are three cute options. Very soft and cheerful.

If you want the full benefit of Idbids' environmental ed piece, I think you really need to get the starter kit. The starter kit includes, among other things, a children's book that uses the Idbid characters to talk about environmentalism and a chart that lets kids track their progress in making iddy biddy steps to help the Earth. The toy alone, even combined with the website, just didn't really convey Idbids' stated environmental mission.


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