Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Crayons on the Go

I'm always keeping an eye out for small items to stash away as birthday/big brother/big sister/holiday gifts. Handmade items are especially great, as you can find many unique toys that a family is unlikely to already own.

One that I recently picked up was a doodle caddy from Etsy store Blossom Toys. Eight crayons and a small pad of paper ready to roll up and toss into a purse or diaper bag for amusement anywhere. I liked its compact size (about 4" x 6" when folded) and fun retro prints. The pad is a standard size that will be easy for parents to replace.

For an even better bargain, the Feather Hen shop offers a similar crayon tote for less than half the price, but with fewer fabric choices. Older kids might appreciate Creative Keiki's colored pencil version.


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